Born in England, Gordon Hindle spent four years as a Physics Laboratory Technician constructing prototype teaching apparatus and illustrating a University level physics text book. He attended the City of Coventry College of Art & Design for four years, emerging as a Technical Illustrator/Graphic Designer.

He began his career working in the Technical Publications Department of the Reliant Motor Company and learning to fly a de Havilland "Tiger Moth" at Coventry airport.

Moving to Canada in 1968, he joined the Technical Publications Department of the United Aircraft Company of Canada Ltd., in Montreal, but after four winters headed west to Vancouver and a more English climate.

A two week temporary assignment for Lockheed Petroleum Services Ltd., working on a rush job, stretched to fourteen years of illustrating & photography for the Engineering and Marketing Departments.

Gordon began his freelance career in 1986. Since then he has worked on a variety of projects ranging from aircraft engine and airframe conversions to hydrogen fuel cells, law court visual aids and training manuals for toilet roll production line operators!

In spite of these distractions he has continued to fly light aircraft and has spent seven years building and sixteen years flying a Rutan designed "Vari-Eze".
Rutan Varieze built and flown by Gordon Hindle
Photography by Michael Peare from a Cessna 152 flown by Emidio Serrambana

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